fayedaniels replied to your photo: I don’t think anyone understands how tired I am of…

Ah! You need to teach me how to get my eyebrows as magical as yours. I try but I feel like they are too dark every time I use a pencil. :( I look all clowny and you always look hot and gorgeous.

Well that’s a compliment and a half. Um, I usually aim for cartoonish.

We need to establish what the current technique is and then run diagnostics. Just call me the brow doctor. 

  1. fayedaniels said: Do you know embodystyle? I just do what she does because her brows always look amazing. I pretty much just show up at her place a completely mess and let her put me together - ha! I don’t know what it is though - if the darkness of them just scares me? If my brows or…
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