Who wants to bet G4S win the contract?

If you don’t know who G4S are, ask yourself why because they’re the largest employer in the world bar Walmart. But what do they do?

  • Airport security. Three G4S security guards at Heathrow were responsible for the death of Angolan refugee Jimmy Mubenga in Oct 2010 when they kept him heavily restrained, despite his repeated complaints of not being able to breathe.
  • Immigrant detention camps. In Australia, G4S were ‘faulted for lethal neglect and abuse of solitary confinement’ (NYTimes). Again in Australia, up to 50 asylum seekers went on hunger strike and sewed their own lips together in protest over conditions. G4S also ran these lovely detention boats in the Netherlands that were deemed ‘inhumane’ by the European Parliament.
  • Guarding the entire length of the southwest US/Mexico border and deporting undocumented immigrants. Anyone starting to feel like G4S don’t like immigrants for some reason?
  • Private UK police (already). G4S is already contracted to employ half of Lincolnshire police, and are building a police station there.
  • Private prisons in the UK and US. Because why stop with immigrants?
  • Juvenile detention centres. Because why stop with adults?
  • Profiteering off the UK ‘Welfare to Work’ scheme. Which is essentially an ingenious device for taking tax-payer money away from those who need it, and giving it to G4S (who have the nerve to fob much of their workload off onto charities and other non-profit organisations). At the same time the scheme allows companies like Tesco to profit from slave labour as people are made to work full-time for their unemployment benefits.
  • Military security in Afghanistan. Popular pastimes for the G4S employees guarding the US embassy in Kabul included: lighting fires, getting naked, pissing on each other and conducting humiliating hazings/initiations. NSFW photos here!
  • Much more. Too much to list but it includes security for banks, ATM/cashpoint ‘management’, stewarding Live8 and Download and reading your gas meter. Also landmine clearance, which strangely enough is the only one of these things I’d happily trust them with.

Yeah see Jim this is much better articulated than my ‘what the fucking fuck’.

I think you have to also look at the ties between these sectors and question if the same corporation employing people to make arrests or detain people should have control of prisons, for example.



#10 Statistical Games with the Unemployment Rate. At Information Clearing House, Greg Hunter showed that instead of 9%, the real unemployment rate is over 22%.

#9 Chemtrails. Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails, July 10, 2010.

#8 The Truth on Nuclear Power. The Union of Concerned Scientists published a report describing 14 near-miss nuclear accidents in 2010 in the US. (One is Fort Calhoun, which I covered here and here.) Other nuclear pieces mentioned in this category include Jeff Goodell’s “America’s Nuclear Nightmare” at Rolling Stone.

#7 U.S. Army and psychology’s largest experiment – ever. Horrified by war? Be positive! A series of APA articles describing and promoting a program of “psychological resilience” is confronted by Roy Eidelson, Marc Pilisuk and Stephen Soldz at Truthout.

#6 Google Spies for CIA, US Military. In January 2010, Eric Sommer wrote “Google’s Deep CIA Connections” for

#5 Prison Companies Fund Anti-Immigrant Legislation. Exposed in depth by Peter Cervantes-Gautschi at AlterNet, Wall Street is profiting from immigrant lock-ups.

#4 Wall Street Engineers Food Crisis. On March 24, 2011, David Moberg wrote “Diet Hard: With a Vengeance” for In These Times showing that speculating on food commodities, along with income inequality, cause hunger – not lack of production.

#3 Obama’s Extrajudicial Hit List. State sanctioned assassinations outside the scope of law is somehow okay by this dictator. This is an under-reported story later covered by Glenn Greenwald atSalon and William Fisher at IPS. Originally titled “Death by Drone: ‘CIA’s hitlist is murder’,” IPS later changed it to “Death by Remote: But Is It Legal?”

#2 Army of Fake Personas to Promote Propaganda. Two sites broke the story on Feb. 22, 2011: Darlene Storm at Computer World and Stephen Webster at Raw Story. In March, Guardian writers Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain covered it.

#1 US Soldier Suicides Exceed Combat Deaths in 2010. Cord Jefferson broke the story on Jan. 27, 2011 at Iceland’s Good Magazine.

I’ve posted and/or written about each of these stories, aside from #7. Hey, MSM, I win!

I’d also like to add the most under-reported and the most important story of the last century: Global phytoplankton decline over the past century


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